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Acorn Furniture Removals is a locally owned and operated business that has been thriving through referrals and recommendations since its inception. We provide Newcastle-wide coverage and offer a complete suite of removal services tailored to your needs.

We have the skills and resources to assist commercial and residential clients with interstate removals or something as basic as transporting your belongings a couple of blocks down the street. No matter how large or small, our local removalists of Newcastle NSW, are willing and able to assist your home/office relocations with everything that you need.


When it comes to storage, it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg and nor should it jeopardize the safety of your valuable items. This is where our expertise and years of experience come into the picture.

Our storage facility is well-maintained, moisture-free, dust-free, pest-free, well lit and accessible 24/7. Your valuables will be securely placed inside these facilities to make sure no element gets to them. For removals and storage in Newcastle, we are your go-to experts.


Acorn Furniture Removal has emerged as a trusted name in Newcastle and its suburbs. Since our advent in the market, we have been growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to our happy customers who love to recommend our services to family and friends. This explains why the majority of our customers come through referrals and recommendations.

If you have any house or office removal requirement, allow us to pack and move and save you the hassle.


We are your budget removalists in Newcastle. From furniture removal to storage in Newcastle, we provide you with all that you need. Be it packing, unpacking or rubbish removal, we can do it all. We understand the value of your time, and know that it is hard for you to find reliable and professional removalists which is why we strive hard to provide you with the best moving and removal services in Newcastle at affordable prices.

We know that moving can be an overwhelming process. From packing stuff and furniture, cleaning the place to finding a temporary storage facility, there is a lot to take care of. This is exactly what we exist for! We are one of the best moving and removal companies in Newcastle that take care of every little little thing that you might need help with.

No need to look further for cheap removalists in Sydney when you have us!

Why customers choose Acorn Removals?

With so many movers in Newcastle that assist in moving house and offices, why Acorn Furniture Removals?

Because we are a one-stop solution!

We provide end-to-end services for everything that you look for in affordable removalists in Newcastle or surrounding areas. We understand your unique needs, arrive on time, dismantle, pack, label, move, unpack and even provide storage solutions!

There is absolutely no element that we are not willing to handle, and no requests that we fail to honour. This is possible because of our highly trained teams that have diverse removals and relocations experience, allowing them to exceed expectations every single time.

We offer upfront pricing, that is affordable yet value-for-money. Our packers are friendly and professional and are efficient in packing and unpacking homes as well as office spaces. We know how much you value your belongings, and our trustworthy packers ensure they take utmost care while handling them.

It’s no secret that moving house is a big hassle, especially since there is a lot of packing and unpacking involved. It’s a real struggle understanding where to start from and how to ensure none of your stuff gets damaged during the process.

For those who need to completely empty out a space along with every small thing like the furniture, appliances, systems, etc. it becomes necessary to take help from moving services who are furniture removalists as well. With their assistance, the process becomes significantly easier.

While there are many moving companies that can help you with this, it is important to understand if they have the right experience and the expertise to safely remove all your possessions. This makes it necessary to work with professional furniture removalists that have a proven track record.

Acorn Furniture Removals delivers on every parameter and make sure your valuables are moved in a safe and timely manner.

Furniture Movers Near You

At Acorn Furniture Removals, we understand that furniture is often expensive and cannot be easily replaced. From your antique coffee table to your handcrafted dresser, you can depend on us to take every precaution to make sure your furniture remains damage-free in transit. Whether you are moving within the state or to another city, we are happy to take care of the entire moving process.

Our experienced staff exclusively uses premium quality packing material to ensure your furniture and other belongings are well-protected during the move.

Moving is a time-consuming as well as labour intensive process. But that doesn’t mean it has to be over-the-top costly. We pride ourselves on offering competitively-priced removal services. Get in touch with us today.

Your Local Furniture Movers in New Castle

Are you moving soon? Packing, lifting and transporting all your belongings is a massive task. It would be wise to let experienced removalists help you. Acorn Furniture Removals is one of the leading removalists in Newcastle. Whether you are planning to move in the middle of summer or the start of winter, our moving services are available throughout the year. We tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. Let us take the stress out of moving. Contact us today.



    In Newcastle, removalist charges vary based on the amount of stuff you want to be removed and moved. It also depends on the experience a removalist comes with. For instance, a professional removalist can empty a space within 3 hours for the same job for which an average removalist will take 5-6 hours.

    Typically, a removalist should cost anywhere between $99-$179 per hour. These hourly rates include services like packing your belongings, loading them, transporting them from source to destination, unloading them and unwrapping them.

    Office removalists like Acorn Furniture Removals who have the expertise in dealing with all kinds of moving situations can quickly adapt to your exact needs. So contacting us a couple of days prior to your move should suffice. And we will get back to you with a price quote within 24 hours. Moreover, our prices are very affordable and upfront. We do not believe in keeping any information hidden that can cost you later.

    Pick-up can be arranged at any time of the day in Newcastle, provided that you inform us at least two days in advance. We can fulfill local deliveries on the same or next day. However, if you want to move to a different state, it may take 3-5 days.

    Yes, we protect your furniture during transit. Since we are fully insured, any damage to your valuables will be covered at our expense. This is one of the perks of employing professional removalists for the job who have the experience of not just local but also interstate removals, and have a long-standing reputation in providing stress-free removal experience.

    Despite being premier furniture removalists in Newcastle, our excellent services are priced very sensibly keeping in mind our motto to provide a value-for-money experience. Moreover, our prices are upfront with no hidden costs. All you have to do is make a call and we will coordinate every step of your move seamlessly.

    It is highly recommended to inform us at least two days in advance so that we can reschedule your move without causing any inconvenience to you or our staff.

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    Our services

    Whatever your local or interstate removal and furniture storage needs may be, our removalists offer a complete suite of services tailored to your needs. Learn more about the services offered by our local and interstate removalists.

    • Acorn Furniture Removals


      Acorn Furniture Removals are the moving company with the resources, knowledge and expertise to manage your move efficiently

    • Acorn Furniture Removals


      Because everyone is different, we have thought of everything you might need when moving furniture or moving house

    • Acorn Furniture Removals


      As well as being known for our professional local removals and storage services for the North Shore

    • Acorn Furniture Removals


      Acorn Furniture Removals are more than the best Newcastle removal company, we also excel at rubbish removals.


    Our Prices Start At $70 per Hour



      Boxes for packing

      Tape for furniture

      Tape for fragile

      Trolley for moving



      Packing materials

      Truck for moving

      Movers command

      Trolley for moving



      Packing materials

      Truck for moving

      Movers command

      Trolley for moving

    • VIP


      Boxes for packing

      Tape for furniture

      Tape for fragile

      Trolley for moving

    What Our Customer Say

    • I was so impressed with the service provided by the team at Alcorn. They were upfront, honest and never gave up on my difficult after hours Sydney pickup. They were so polite and helpful! I would highly recommend them

      -Lee O’Hara
    • “Couldn't have asked for a better experience with our move from Sydney to Gosford! Quick, efficient, good value and took very good care of our possessions! Would definitely recommend Acorn Furniture Removals to anyone looking for removalists.”.

      -Michael Blower
    • “Darryl communicated promptly to my initial enquiry and was very responsive to my questions. Darryl and the team turned up on time and took great care in our move and was well priced. Would definitely recommend and reuse next time.”.

      -Mike Kennedy
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